Social Risk and Initiating Conversation


(Epistemic status:  This largely applies to me solely, but I am totally assuming other people feel this way.  Still, I only actually experience my own qualia and can’t accurately assume other people have the same qualia.  That said, if you feel similar things, tell me so I can have more data points to work with in my amateur sociology!)

This is really long so I’m putting it under a read more and posting a tl;dr.

tl;dr this is a rambling mess that basically posits people
don’t initiate conversations, particularly with high status people,
because fucking it up sucks and feels very dangerous even if it may not
Actually be dangerous; except sometimes it is dangerous so you can’t
just completely ignore the inhibition. Conclusion:  People are hard, but initiative is more rewarding than it seems so take  it more.  But not in the categorical imperative sense because then the trade offs change.  h/t @sinesalvatorem because a conversation with her is what inspired this.

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