On The Filter System, Archetypal Lenses, and Narrative

(Epistemic Status:  Original hack always steal.  Actually in active use by me with concrete positive outcomes.  Possible dissociative risk so please think before applying this.)

A couple months ago, April I want to say, I came across an extremely compelling idea.  This idea was the one of narrative.  The idea that you tell a story in the way you look, the way you approach situations, the way you interact with the world, and that controlling this narrative is important to attractiveness.  I decided this probably generalizes to social situations and started considering things this way.  For awhile, it was a fuzzy idea that mostly made me feel good but then I had a few situations come up, particularly at work, where I had to change my narrative or my life would become more uncomfortable.  Once I internalized that notion and applied it, it felt like a little progress was made.  It’s still tough but I’m starting to really see concrete utility.  I would normally describe the situation in more detail but it might be too personally identifying.  An interesting side effect of considering my role and perceptions in a narrative setting was the archetypal filter system.

So, after the explicit success of narratives, combined with the stronger engagement with the version of myself that is the Oracle state, I started creating other roles.  I created The Seeker to optimize for novel experiences, a progression from my basic idea for a priestess of novelty.  I created The Demon Queen when I realized I could be very dark triad at times, and this could be useful.  I created The Professional to limit the weirdness I engage in at work and control my behavior as well as derive pleasure from working within systems.  I created The Doll to more strongly define my blank, devoted state as a submissive.  I created The Analyst to round out things, to cover my overanalytical, anxious, detail oriented states.  From here, I also intuited a zero state, and a contrasting state I refer to as seven.  My zero state is when I am mostly on autopilot, not really engaging a situation.  Sometimes I use it to come down from an out of control emotional reaction with a filter.  Seven is…undefined.  I’m unsure I’ve ever hit this state but it feels really, really important to acknowledge it exists.  I think perhaps it might be the general concept of a fully actualized, mindful adaptability that defies archetype.  It could also just be a future archetype that doesn’t have a duality to it.  I don’t know yet.

What is useful about these archetypes is they allow me to optimize for certain experiences as well as ways of social interaction with others.   The way I perceive an event and goal set for that event is heavily inflected by what archetype is optimal for it.  I went on a date where The Demon Queen was the most optimal filter and it went extremely well.  I approach meditation often with the archetype of The Seeker and am so joyful and exuberant about what I find.  I approach needing things from coworkers as The Professional and the interaction feels satisfying and competent.  Archetypal filters are probably my most powerful social hack at the moment because role means so much.
I will be making a series of posts defining each archetype (The Oracle is already defined, but I think another post on The Oracle is in order because some of the territory was annexed by The Seeker), and then going over what I think is the rough methodology for changing your worldview in this fashion.

That methodology is highly individual to me but perhaps can provide guidelines for others who wish to optimize their experiences by tailoring the self to the social world around them.

Discussion:  How do you filter your experiences?  What determines how you feel about something, do you know?  Do other people take this archetypal approach?  If so, please tell me about your experiences with it.

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