On Updating the Archetypal System

(Epistemic status:  Idea modification, errata, turns out active interventions get refined sometimes)

Note:  This is a bonus post, there will be another post today.

The Archetype System has been my focus for the past couple weeks.  It is one of most exciting social/narrative breakthroughs and has almost infinite discussion potential (until people get sick of it, of course).  It also is kind of rounding a lot of concepts, and it turns out the map isn’t actually the territory.  There have been progressions and updates to my initial post.  This post is intended to go over them.

First, I reject The Analyst as one of my archetypes.  I can define every other archetype simply as Name, Utility Function, Traits Favored.  Boom, that’s an archetype.  I cannot do that with The Analyst.  I try to look into the utility function, and it’s like “idk, anxiety?”.  The traits favored are also relatively flat and unexciting.  It doesn’t feel like a real description of a thing I use.

Second, this unfortunately breaks a lot of the dualities and deeper meanings I got from the archetype, and brings me down to 5.  I still feel like 6 archetypes is the “proper” number, but I haven’t figured out my sixth.  The concept of The Performer seems promising but I need to develop it a bit more before I accept it into my categorization system.

Third, the opposite of the zero state might well be something I’m tentatively calling the infinity state (as opposed to Seven which was dumb as fuck).  I feel like it captures the concept of a state of metaflow, where I have flow I can apply to anything by actively optimizing my traits in the moment, creating short term archetypes to handle any situation.  This also feels like the state I’m in when I do create a new archetype.  It just overall feels fast and vast.

Fourth, I think combination states are possible.  I will elaborate on these in a future post, but essentially, I have accidentally used two filters at once when a situation called for it, and experienced more than double efficacy.  This might be a harder thing to force, but I think it might be something I can consciously control in the future.

Overall, any system I come up with is always a work in progress and it’s important to know when I can let go of ideas.  Feel free to ask anything you’d like to know about the archetype system or how I’ve developed it or how my intuitions around it work, I will happily answer.

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